The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.Voltaire


Our ancestors knew that by treating the whole person, mind and body, rather than an illness or symptom, a deeper level of healing is experienced. By using medicinal plants, massage and healing intentions, La Abuela or grandmother, would heal everything from a headache to an emotional imbalance.

Inspired by this folk healer, we have carefully crafted a series of wellness treatments that you can enjoy à-la-carte or for a deeply restorative week, we recommend La Cura de la Abuela, a 4-phase treatment unique to Playa Cativo.


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La Cura de la Abuela 

“…before beginning the process, the old woman, known as La Curandera, whispers a prayer that cannot be distinguished as she massages the back of the aching client with a herbal oil that wondrously eases the pain; I then realize, that the healing not only happens in the body but also in the Spirit¨

As old as it is effective, La Cura de la Abuela fosters close contact with nature alongside with herbal remedies and customized healing therapies synergically combined and tailored to your personal needs by our proficient therapists.

For a deeply therapeutic experience, we suggest you follow the 4 phases of relaxation in the order suggested: grounding, receiving, let go and recharge. Likewise, you can simply choose the phase that better resonates with you.

With each phase, we suggest several Intention Boosters; activities we have found to ignite the overall experience of our guests.

A special treat when engaging in the four phases is the Huetar Clay Soap, made of Chumico, Tuna, and Guanacaste, this medicinal soap is used to start and finish every day with an intention.

For more information about La Cura de la Abuela, please Contact Our Experts.