Celebrate nature at its best, enjoy and indulge yourself in a rejuvenating body, mind, and spirit experience, surrounded by the foliage of the pristine rainforest and the voices of nature with the breathtaking views of Golfo Dulce and tropical Gardens of Playa Cativo.


  • Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage (1 hour): This therapeutic massage tends to be deeper than a traditional Swedish massage and is aimed at relieving muscle tension and breaking up knots. Swedish massage is also available and aimed at relaxation. Especially after your adventures in the rainforest. Price: $95
  • Foot Therapy (30 min): A foot soak and freshly grated coconut scrub is performed followed by reflexology techniques. The application of gentle to firm pressure to specific points of the foot relieves stress to the corresponding body part, organ and gland. Price: $55
  • Facial (45 minutes): This treatment includes cleansing, refinement, and hydration of the face and a hand massage while a sea mud mask sets. Ayurvedic rejuvenating techniques are performed to bring life and increased circulation to the skin that reveals a luminous healthy glow.  The use of botanical ingredients encourages detoxification, promote skin balance and a feeling of renewed vigor. Price: 65$

You can also combine any of the above:

  • Massage and Facial Combo: Price: $160
  • Massage and Foot Therapy Combo: Price: $150 
  • Massage, Facial and Foot Therapy Combo: Price: $200                                                                             

Meditation and/or Yoga: 60 – 75-minute Journey Inward Ritual

Join Natalya at the Yoga Deck at 6:30 for a 15-minute Meditation followed by a Yoga class. Or, show up at the Yoga Deck at 6:45 to practice Yoga. The class finishes approximately between 7:30-7:45. Price: $30 / Person


Schedule a Private Yoga Class with Natalya at another time that is convenient for you during the day. Deepen and reenergize your personal connection to mind, body, and spirit through a yoga practice that includes postures, breathing techniques and meditation that will help you attain a deeper state of well-being.  50$/Person