Due to its humid and hot climate, our Nature Reserve gets plenty of rain keeping it lush and verdant all year long. There are hundreds of rare plant, animal, and insect species found in this forest, as well as a large number of snakes and other reptiles. Some of the more common birds and animals found here include the howler monkey, spider monkeys, the white-nose capuchin, coatis, toucans and Scarlet Macaws. Considered by many to be one of the best bird watching spots in the country, together with Piedras Blancas National Park, Cativo’s Nature Reserve is an important gathering point for many birds from North and South America.


Playa Cativo’s idyllic location is accentuated by the absence of neighbors, other than the Park itself. The boundaries of our over 1,000-acre private reserve are rocky points and ridge tops encircling a mile of pristine beachfront closed off from the mainstream world.