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An Indescribable Experience Awaits

Learn about the abundant wildlife and discover the different ecosystems, including the mangroves, the tropical rainforest and wonderful marine life of Golfo Dulce, in one of the most biologically intense regions on the planet! Or simply awaken your senses to the rhythm of the sounds of nature. Our Eco-Luxury Lodge is immersed in a secluded and naturally privileged location, enhanced by a variety of unimaginable nature and wildlife adventures to be experienced by our guests, which include non-scheduled, self-driven and guided tours, private expeditions and third-party operated guided excursions.

Cativo’s Nature Reserve Hike

With the beauty and convenience of the adjacent National Park, Playa Cativo guests don’t have to go far to see nature. Parts of this nature hike are rugged and steep due to its characteristic topography. The flora and fauna of the surrounding areas near Piedras Blancas is one of the most diverse in Central America; learn about the ecology of the tropical lowland rainforest, experiencing different vegetation units.
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Golfo Dulce Snorkeling Excursion

Some of the best snorkeling of the Golfo Dulce is right near the lodge. Let us take you to Punta Adela or Belina Beach for a local dive for a long-range half day adventure. At low tide, you will marvel at the brain-coral reefs. At high tides, the underwater rock pinnacles that mirror the mountain top creates habitat for more than 30 species of tropical reef fish including Angelfish, Parrotfish, Triggerfish, Rays and butterfly fishes. The serene and pristine waters at 80° F (26°C are perfect for a colorful snorkeling experience!

Dolphin & Whale Watching Quest

Golfo Dulce is one of only four tropical fjords around the world, and home to a variety of marine life forms, including the cetaceans. Two species of dolphins spend their whole life cycles in Golfo Dulce, and between July and November it's possible to witness the arrival of the Humpback whales and their calves. Sea turtles, and marine birds usually show up during the ride. Combine this tour with snorkeling for a fantastic day in the water!

Piedras Blancas National Park hike (San Josecito Trail)

If you are an adventurous hiker and prefer longer and more challenging hikes, this quest to Piedras Blancas National Park ́s higher elevation is for you. We will take you to the north entrance of the park (boat and car rides) at El Bonito Ranger station, the tour starts with a 4km hike, you will stop in one of the nicest look out points for a good snack. At this point starts the San Josecito trail, 6 km across the park through steep slopes ending up at Golfo Dulce.

Rio Esquinas Mangrove Kayaking Expedition

This tour through one of the largest and most pristine river systems in Costa Rica allows for some of the best bird- watching in the area, especially at sunrise and sunset at low tides, when the mudflats are exposed and become a feeding area for the aquatic birds. Our boat tows your kayak to the mouth of the river where you will embark on a peaceful adventure and experience the magic of nature while cruising down the river on kayak through amazing mangrove and rainforest sceneries.
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Bioluminescence Expedition

Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction produced by living organisms to emit light. The day-light vanishes, but your adventure will be just beginning! Schools of fish create a phosphorescent trace which can look like a glowing cloud in the water. Explore this natural phenomenon by boat, observing as the water beneath you glows and sparkles with even the movement of your hands. An experience that is not to be missed! Best sighting is on dates close to the new moon phase.

Nocturnal Rainforest Hike

The electric energy of the rainforest trans- forms at night time, an even more complex world awakes and many animals become ac- tive at night; specially amphibians, reptiles, arthropods, night mammals and birds. Our nature guides will share the dynamics of the rainforest during the first two hours of darkness, mind blowing facts about the different habitats from another perspective.


With more than 920 recorded bird species in Costa Rica, the country boasts one tenth of the species of the world ́s total bird population. The variety of birds in Playa Cativo is truly remarkable, with over 266 species of birds recorded in Playa Cativo ́s Nature Protected Reserve, Tropical Gardens and Piedras Blancas National Park.

Boat Transfers

Do you want to visit Golfito or Puerto Jimenez on your own and explore? We can take you there and pick you up for your return trip any time within 6 am and 3 pm. 

Artisanal fishing by boat

We will take you on a scenic boat ride around Golfo Dulce to enjoy an activity that has been part of the lives of the golf villagers, previously as a way of surviving and now as a way to complement their meals. Our knowledgeable Captain and Guide, to whom fishing has been an important part of their lives, will show you the best spots for fishing around the Golf, and perhaps you might bring your catch for dinner!
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Artisanal Hand Line Pier Fishing

On this activity we will walk to the pier (west side of the property) for a traditional artisanal fishing afternoon. We’ll pack a cooler with some beverages. Enjoy an activity that has been part of the lives of the Golfo Dulce villagers for several years and enjoy the sunsets from this point.

Sea Fishing Tours [operated by third-party]

Fish for marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna, amber jack, rooster fish, and other species. Running time varies from 45 minutes to 1:30 hours to find some of the most productive waters in the world. Please see Customer Service to learn about boat sizes and additional information. We strongly suggest making reservations before your arrival to Costa Rica due to the high demand

Scuba Diving (Golfo Dulce)

Our Locally operated trips are all boat dives mainly in front of the Golfo Dulce which has a beautiful area, giving us the pick of many dive sites.
 We have an abundance and a wide variety of marine life here. We have an amazing underwater environment formed by the intense volcanic activity that formed this area. Visibility in the rainy season can vary depending on weather conditions; normally (June to November) is between 15 - 30ft and in the dry season it normally (December – May) is between 30 - 65ft.

All trips include 2 tanks, all dive equipment, and dive master, plus snacks. We have trips leaving in the morning at 7:30am (afternoon trips only run in the dry season and weather permitting).

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