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Complimentary Experiences

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Adventure at Your Own Pace

Looking for something to fill the gaps between activities or maybe an adventure on your own pace? These activities are available for our guests to enjoy during the day. Our Adventure Team will be delighted to assist you with the setup, outfitting and launching of boards and kayaks, safety procedures & protocols.

Cativo’s Nature Reserve Hike

Explore Playa Cativo ́s main ecosystems (renewable energy room, forest, swamps, beach, and wetlands) and the most common of a substantial variety of birds and animals. Our certified nature guides will walk you through mind-bending facts about natural history and the interaction of the tropical rainforest and its habitats. You will also visit Playa Cativo’s Organic Farm (Finca Cayetano), where our proud farmers will show the different medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits, legumes, as well as the entire process from seed germination to harvest.

Self-Guided Walking Trails

We have thoughtfully developed a user-friendly network of walking trails around the property to experience the outstanding diversity of habitats that Playa Cativo’s Nature Protected Reserve and the Tropical Gardens. Take the trail along the beach to Buena Vista Pier and see Cativo Bay from a different perspective, or look around and visit Cativo ́s Organic Farm. Explore peaceful pathways in paradise, meditate in motion to the sounds of the consoling sea, or simply tune out of the world around you, tune in to nature and enhance that sense of adventure that we all have within.

Use of Kayaks & Paddle boards in Cativo Bay

Paddle along Cativo Bay and explore the unparalleled coastlines, be greeted by schools of fish, manta rays, turtles and dolphins in the clear waters of Golfo Dulce. If you feel comfortable and a bit daring to stand up and paddle, for those that prefer sitting down and go a little further, kayaks are the way to go. Our team is available to assist you with the outfitting and launching of boards and kayaks. They will also be on-hand to receive you upon your return!

Self-guided Cativo Bay

Pick up some gear and enjoy the experience of snorkeling at Cativo Bay. If you are more adventurous, we suggest you join the private excursion to Punta Adela or Belina Beach, a variety of tropical reef fish can often be seen. Combine this activity with kayaking or paddle boarding for a perfect adventure in Paradise. Please ask our team for available equipment and they will be more than happy to assist you. Marine life, Adventure.

Complementary Mindful Movement Sessions

Sign-up for our Mindful Movement Sessions, our experienced instructors are placed at your service. In each session, ancestral knowledge will be passed on to you that will give you practical tools to expand your consciousness and lifestyle
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