Dear Guest,

In today’s ever-so-connected digital world, it is important for all of us to remain informed, proactive, and aware. As such, we´d like to touch base with an update on COVID-19 protocols and measures that we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our guests and team members.

Accessing the charm and remote location of Playa Cativo Lodge is part of the marvelous experiences that we offer. Our strategic location allows us to be one of the healthiest and most nature-based destinations in Costa Rica. The tranquility, security, secluded location has allowed us to adapt to the current world situation.

The cleanliness of our guestrooms and public spaces uphold a very high standard. Our three restaurant areas and bar are fully equipped, but with restricted occupancy. Our protocol of the “new normal” of operation in Playa Cativo has its bases on prevention standards, extreme hygiene, physical distancing, and safety, to protect the wellbeing of our guests and associates with enhanced measures.

Below please review the protocols that are being taken by Playa Cativo Lodge. For everyone´s safety, we reserve our admission rights.

  1. Disinfecting every 2 hours the kitchen area, lobby, bar, social areas, guest service office, railings, and handrails in high traffic areas, among other areas.
  2. Each room must be deep cleaned before and after use, added to daily maintenance and disinfection.
  3. Equipment that is commonly used for different activities will be disinfected immediately after every use. Vests, snorkel equipment, yoga mats, kayaks, and everything that will be used by more than one person.
  4. Cleaning and sanitation stations have been set along with our property.
    • Entrance to the beach
    • Adventure Center
    • Frog Pond / Spa Bridge
    • Espavel Trail and Organic Farm
  5. Each room counts with cleaning and protection items or Sanitation Kits which include antibacterial liquid soap, fabric anti covid19 masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and towels, as well as bug repellent and sunscreen.
  6. Appropriate sanitation and handling of all items that enter Playa Cativo Lodge, before entering the boat (suitcases, boxes, food, fruits, vegetables, materials or tools, and all other equipment or items).
  7. Every person (no exception) must go through taking their body temperature before boarding the boat that goes into Playa Cativo Lodge. If the temperature exceeds 37 degrees or if that person has visible symptoms that put social health at risk, must go or be taken to the nearest hospital or health center for experts to evaluate their health. Temperature protocol will also be taken every day to our guests, during their stay.
  8. Extreme cleanliness for team members and their daily procedures and operation. All those team members involved or in charge of picking up and/or dropping off guests must wear gloves and will carry their own bottle of hand sanitizer. They will also be in charge of applying it to guests and carriers without physical contact.
  9. All staff members from Food & Beverage, Housekeeping must use gloves during 100% of their workday.
  10. Lotus Wellness & Spa treatments are carried out under strict hygiene protocols, they are put into practice before, during, and after each therapy, this guarantees a healthy place for our guests to enjoy.
  11. All events such as tours, experiences, classes, workshops, among others, are limited. Personalized in the number of people joining. Applying physical distancing and taking with determination the indications issued by the government of Costa Rica and the OMS and local health departments to appropriately follow directives as new information is shared.
  12. All of our Team Members have been vaccinated against Covid19, this is a really important accomplishment, not only for our team members and their families but also for a safer work environment and for the safety of our guests and visitors. Thanks to the local health authorities.


Our commitment is to protect your health and ours. The health and safety of our guests and associates members are of paramount importance and Coronavirus is being treated seriously.


Sincerely yours,

The Management