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Lotus Spa

Our Lotus Spa

Embrace the heart of nature and break free to embark on a thrilling adventure, whether it's conquering a majestic mountain or immersing yourself in the wilderness for a week. Allow your spirit to be cleansed and rejuvenated.

We are more than just physical beings; we are a harmonious blend of body, mind, and spirit, forever intertwined with the earth. Our approach to holistic wellness revolves around cultivating a deep appreciation, respect, and wonder for the natural world.

At Playa Cativo, you have the opportunity to unlock the hidden potential that resides within you and tap into the incredible healing power of the Earth. Whether you are an experienced nature enthusiast or just starting your journey towards natural wellness, we have carefully curated a range of treatments and activities that provide the perfect chance to reconnect with nature under the guidance and expertise of our dedicated professionals.

Massage Therapies


Lotus Signature Massage

An integral therapy that combines different massage techniques, all coexisting in movement and harmony. It works on the soft tissue of the body, helps eliminate toxins and has a toning and relaxing effects in muscles and joints. Melt your tention and stress away!

Aroma Wild Experience

This technique combines the benefits of touch with the power of therapeutic essential oils, to create an overall wellness experience. Applied on to your spine and feet, essential oils work on energy lines and reflexology points to promote homeostasis and balance the body. This perfect combination of essential oils, assists on stress management, immune support, inflammation response and emotional health.

Thai Massage

(Osteo Thai) is a medicinal therapy that works directly with the physical body and indirectly with the energetic fields of the body. Combining acu-pressure exercises, mobilization of articulations, and yoga stretches; working integrally by stimu-lating the energetic lines and energy points. The breath is a key element here in order to gain vi-tal holistic balance and experience the benefits of the movement, all throughout the practice. Please bring comfortable, stretchy clothes.

Body and Skin Care

All sessions conclude with a moisturizing aroma- therapy relaxing massage to round out and complete your experience


Get a luminous facial skin with this treatment. Enjoy a detox face mask and a delicious exfoliation to renew, nourish and hydrate your skin.

Body Scrub

This treatment gives you a deepcleanse and an infusion of nutrients leaving you with a smoother, softer feeling fresh skin. It concludes with a moisturizing relaxing massage.

Body Wrap

Detox and rejuvenate your skin with the organic chocolate with special aloe that will complete give you a soft touch body

The Works

Savor all three Body and Skin Care treatments (Facial, Body Scrub, and Body Wrap) for a fully healing experience. 

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