Majesty and Wonder: Cetaceans & Humpback Whale Season at Playa Cativo

Close-up of Humpback Whale in the sea near Playa Cativo Lodge

It’s a calm quiet morning in the jungle. The sounds of tropical birds chattering  and singing is the most sublime backdrop to the view out of the casita. You’re up earlier than you usually are at home and you’re relishing in peace and quiet while staring onto the calm tranquil waters of Golfo Dulce... when suddenly an odd and alarmingly large shape shows up in the water on the horizon.

You grab the binoculars for a better look and you suddenly see something you’ve never seen before.... A group of humpback whales jumping and seemingly skipping out of the calm water, splashing their tails and breaching in the serene water. This scene happens every single mating season in Golfo Dulce. Humpback whales, which are one of the largest mammals in the world, migrate distances of up to 5,000 miles (8,000 km) from the northern and southern hemispheres to the tropical pacific coasts of Costa Rica. Once they’re in the clear waters of one of the only natural fjords in the world, they congregate together and give birth to a new group of calves where the water is temperate, calm, and perfect for them to learn their skills.

These marvels will usually spend months off the pacific coast, usually from mid-July to early-November raising their calves and allowing them to develop the appropriate expertise for life in the greater ocean.
At Playa Cativo, we are in awe each season to be able to relish in not only the whale season, but also the opportunity to see all the distinct oceanic life in our little slice of paradise. Often visitors will see spotted & bottle nose dolphins, sea turtles, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, reel fish, and even manta rays while in boats on the coast.

But the sea life isn’t the only wildlife you’ll encounter while at Cativo. There are also plenty of awe-inspiring birdlife that thrives in our costal rainforest environment. Pelicans, frigate birds, roosting ibises are all common sights that can been seen from the porches of our Casitas or the deck of our lodge.

The Golfo Dulce whale mating season is a spectacular event not to be missed. If you’re looking for an amazing nature experience, come and witness it for yourself and enjoy all that Golfo Dulce and Playa Cativo Eco Lodge offer. Visitors and locals alike come out to see these marvelous creatures breach and spout, and sometimes even get up close and personal with them. Whether you're on the beach or in a boat, it's an unforgettable experience that you'll never forget.

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