Aerial view of ocean & rainforest near Playa Cativo Lodge

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Playa Cativo, the Pearl of the Golfo Dulce

When we think of the word 'paradise', scenes from movies often come to mind: beaches with palm trees, crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation... well, all this and much more is what we find at Playa Cativo Eco Lodge, a paradise in every sense of the word.

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Playa Cativo Lodge Named Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards Best of the Best Winner for 2024

Playa Cativo Lodge is pleased to announce today that it has been recognized in Tripadvisor’s® Travelers’ Choice® Awards Best of the Best for 2024.

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Marine birds of Golfo Dulce: What do we know about them?

Bird watching is perhaps one of the most popular activities undertaken by visitors to Playa Cativo Lodge. 

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Playa Cativo Named Top 50 Best Romantic Vacations by Travel + Leisure

Playa Cativo has been named one of the Top 50 Best Romantic Vacations by Travel + Leisure, and it’s easy to see why…

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President Rodrigo Chaves Visits Playa Cativo

President Rodrigo Chaves paid his first visit to Playa Cativo this week, touring the luxury eco-resort and praising its commitment to sustainability.

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Symbiotic Relationships within the Rainforest


When you live in the tropical rainforest, you must figure out ways and how to survive every day. And sometimes going solo can be easy, but other times having partners can make it easier.  

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Wildcats Monitoring Program: Playa Cativo’s Rainforest Reserve

Walking in a rainforest can be a thrilling experience, not only you get to feel the electric energy of the forest, but also, you get to see incredible wildlife, and when you are in a place where there is plenty of wildlife, it means that you are experiencing a healthy, thriving forest!

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Look up to the Sky: Most Common Birds, of Río Esquinas Mangroves

The sun is shining in the rainforest, a healthy breakfast is waiting, the tide is perfect, and you are ready to experience something new and different; The Mangroves of Río Esquinas.

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Yoga & the Healing Benefits of the Rainforest for Couples

Imagine waking up next to your partner to the rhythm of a majestic rainforest, just steps from the beach, with marvelous sunrises and dazzling waterfalls in the jungle. Where time stands still, where wellness is key, and where farm-fresh, organic food is the standard.

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Golfo Dulce Coral Gardening

Conservation (Conservation)There are a few diverse ways that people are working to restore coral reefs.

One way is to collect healthy coral fragments from other reefs and grow them in nurseries. These healthy coral fragments can then be transplanted back to the reef once they have grown enough.

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Majesty and Wonder: Cetaceans & Humpback Whale Season at Playa Cativo

It’s a calm quiet morning in the jungle. The sounds of tropical birds chattering  and singing is the most sublime backdrop to the view out of the casita. You’re up earlier than you usually are at home and you’re relishing in peace and quiet while staring onto the calm tranquil waters of Golfo Dulce... when suddenly an odd and alarmingly large shape shows up in the water on the horizon.

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Bioluminescent Organisms at Playa Cativo & Golfo Dulce

If you're looking for an out-of-this-world nighttime experience, head to Playa Cativo in Costa Rica and witness the magic of the bio-luminescence. This natural phenomenon can be best observed in the dark, when the water is still and the air is clear.

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Golfo Dulce Highlights for Honeymooners & Couples

Aptly described as the “most biologically intense place on Earth” by National Geographic, Playa Cativo is a nature lover’s paradise. Nestled on one of the few tropical fjords in the world, time seems to have stopped where the rainforest meets the ocean at the astonishing Golfo Dulce. When you and your partner visit, you will find the perfect combination of adventure, relaxation, wellness, and romance here in our jungle paradise.

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Nature Wellness at Playa Cativo Eco Lodge

We are inseparably part of the earth, and it is a part of us. Natural wellness – a concept that combines your wellness practices with a connection to nature – is a key aspect of the Playa Cativo experience. We cater packages specifically towards your wants and needs, all to take care of you and the planet. Here, you can reconnect to the Earth by eating fresh organic food, meditating near the seashore and exploring the jungles of Costa Rica.

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Birding & Nesting Season

The Stay (The Stay)In Cosa Rica, more than 75% of birds nest in the jungle surrounding Playa Cativo from January to May. With more than 390 species recorded in our rainforests, the best time of year to observe nesting is March and April. With little rain and wind, abundant food and the excitement of mating, early spring is thebbest time of year to get a glimpse of these birds in their natural habitat.

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