President Rodrigo Chaves Visits Playa Cativo

President Rodrigo Chaves touring at Playa Cativo Lodge

President Rodrigo Chaves paid his first visit to Playa Cativo this week, touring the luxury eco-resort and praising its commitment to sustainability.

The visit coincided with the resort’s 10-year anniversary, and Chaves praised the developers for their efforts in creating a model for sustainable tourism.

“I congratulate the developers of Playa Cativo on this wonderful project, which has set the gold standard for sustainable tourism in Costa Rica,” said Chaves.

He added that the government was committed to working with the private sector to create more projects like Playa Cativo that would benefit the environment and the economy.

Playa Cativo has been a leader in sustainable tourism, using solar and hydro energy to power the resort and composting its food waste.

The resort also provides environmental education programs for its guests, teaching them about the importance of conservation and sustainability.

Chaves’ visit to Playa Cativo was part of a broader tour of Southern Costa Rica, including a visit to Golfo Dulce and the coral reef restoration program presented by the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje. The president was astonished to see how global warming has impacted the coral of the region and is excited to see how both public and private partnerships can impact coral reef restoration in Costa Rica. 

His visit to Playa Cativo is an opportunity to see some of Costa Rica’s natural wonders and to learn more about the country’s efforts to protect the environment.