Corcovado Wilderness Adventure Tour

The organization of the Corcovado National Park tour is handled with attention to every detail to ensure an exceptional experience for our customers.

  • Discover a variety of fascinating trails throughout the day.
  • See a diverse array of animals and plants in their natural habitat.
  • Visit a beautiful beach with two nearby rivers.
  • Wander through additional trails in the secondary forest.

Before the activity, we inform the clients about the details and recommendations necessary to enter the park.

We make a pre-order of food for the clients to enjoy during the navigation.

Departure from the hotel

To reach Sirena Station, the journey begins with a 30-minute trip from the hotel to Puerto Jiménez. Once in Puerto Jiménez, you will need to take a boat, which takes approximately 1.5 hours to arrive at the station.

At the end of the visit, clients will board the boat in Sirena to Puerto Jimenez. Our team will be waiting for them at the dock for the return to the hotel.

This planning ensures a smooth and memorable experience in Corcovado.