Couple paddling paddleboards near Playa Cativo Lodge

Activities in Golfo Dulce

The Treasures of the Osa Peninsula Await

Playa Cativo Lodge, an oasis of pristine natural beauty tucked away in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Here, you will embark on an off-the-beaten-path experience that will engage your senses, soothe your soul, and leave you feeling inspired. On both land and sea, we have curated a selection of exhilarating activities and experiences that will allow you to connect with nature, indulge in adventure, and marvel at the abundant wildlife that calls Costa Rica home. From hikes to fishing to encountering pristine wildlife sanctuaries, the treasure of sea and jungle await.

Green Iguana on coconut tree near Playa Cativo Lodge

Introduction To The Tropical Rainforest Guide

On this enlightening tour, conducted by certified nature guides, you will be introduced to the ecology and Playa Cativo's main ecosystems (forest, swamps, beach, wetlands) and the most common of a substantial variety of birds and animals.

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Lady doing yoga at the beach near Playa Cativo Lodge

Morning Mindful Movement Sessions

Sign up for our Morning Mindful Movement Sessions, where our experienced instructors are available each day to help you start with purpose. Please note that this activity is included in the room rate.

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Couple walking in rainforest near Playa Cativo Lodge

Cativo’s Nature Reserve Hike

Explore Playa Cativo ́s main ecosystems (renewable energy room, forest, swamps, beach, and wetlands) and the most common of a substantial variety of birds and animals.

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Close-up of Red-eyed tree frog near Playa Cativo Lodge

Nocturnal Rainforest Guided Hike

Nighttime is when the rainforest breathes. Layers of fragrances of nocturnal plants and flowers fill the tropical air along with sounds from the most spectacular inhabitants!

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Close-up of Red-rumped agouti near Playa Cativo Lodge

Piedras Blancas National Park

If you are an adventurous hiker and prefer longer and more challenging hikes, this quest to Piedras Blancas National Park ́s higher elevation is for you.

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Close-up of Golden-hooded tanager near Playa Cativo Lodge

Bird Watching

Explore one of the world’s most exciting birding destinations! With more than 920 recorded bird species in Costa Rica, the country boasts one tenth of the species of the world ́s total bird population.

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Couple looking at top of tree near Playa Cativo Lodge

Valle De Los Sainos Journey

Venture through our 1,000-acre Protected Rainforest Reserve accompanied by one of our nature guides, learn mind bending facts about the rainforest.

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Self-Guided Hiking Trails

We have thoughtfully developed a user-friendly network of walking trails around the property to experience the outstanding diversity of habitats that Playa Cativo’s Nature Protected Reserve and the Tropical Gardens.

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Close-up of sloth in La Perica Sloth Garden, Playa Cativo Lodge

La Perica Sloth Garden

After an incredible boat ride through the Golfo Dulce you will arrive to La Perica Sloth Garden.

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Close-up of Humpback Whale in Golfo Dulce, Playa Cativo Lodge

Dolphin & Whale Watching Quest

Golfo Dulce is one of only four tropical fiords around the world, and home to a variety of marine life forms, including the cetaceans.

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Group of people posing in boat, Golfo Dulce, Playa Cativo Lodge

Sport Fishing in/off shore

Enjoy a full day deep sea fishing charter on this excursion. Fish for marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, amberjack, roosterfish, and other species.

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Close-up of fishing rods near Playa Cativo Lodge

Artisanal Fishing By Boat

We will take you on a scenic boat ride around Golfo Dulce to enjoy an activity that has been part of the lives of the golf villagers, previously as a way of surviving and now as a way to complement their meals.

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Lady kayaking in Cativo Bay near Playa Cativo Lodge

Use of Kayaks & Paddleboards in Cativo Bay

Paddle along Cativo Bay and explore the unparalleled coastlines, be greeted by schools of fish, manta rays, turtles and dolphins in the clear waters of Golfo Dulce.

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Two people snorkeling in Golfo Dulce near Playa Cativo Lodge

Golfo Dulce Snorkeling Excursion

Some of the best snorkeling of the Golfo Dulce is right near the lodge. Let us take you to Punta Adela or Belina Beach for a local dive or a 2 hours adventure.

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Three people snorkeling in Cativo Bay near Playa Cativo Lodge

Self-Guided Cativo Bay Snorkeling

Pick up some gear and enjoy the experience of snorkeling at Cativo Bay. If you are more adventurous, we suggest you join the private excursion to Punta Adela or Belina Beach, a variety of tropical reef fish can often be seen.

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Close-up of Bioluminescence near Playa Cativo Lodge

Bioluminescence Expedition

Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction produced by living organisms to emit light. The daylight vanishes, but your adventure will be just beginning!

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People kayaking in Río Esquinas near Playa Cativo Lodge

Rio Esquinas Mangrove Kayaking Expedition

This tour through one of the largest and most pristine river systems in Costa Rica allows for some of the best bird- watching in the area, especially at sunrise and sunset at low tides, when the mudflats are exposed and become a feeding area for the aquatic birds.

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Boat Transfers

Do you want to visit Golfito or Puerto Jimenez on your own and explore? We can take you there and pick you up for your return trip any time within 6 am and 3 pm. 

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Scuba diving in Golfo Dulce near Playa Cativo Lodge

Scuba Diving (Golfo Dulce)

Our locally operated trips are all boat dives mainly in front of the Golfo Dulce which has a beautiful area, giving us the pick of many dive sites.

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