Dolphin & Whale Watching Quest

Close-up of Humpback Whale in Golfo Dulce, Playa Cativo Lodge
Couple watching dolphins & whales at Playa Cativo Lodge
Two dolphins in the ocean near Playa Cativo Lodge
Close-up of Whale shark in the ocean near Playa Cativo Lodge

Golfo Dulce is one of only four tropical fiords around the world, and home to a variety of marine life forms, including the cetaceans. Two species of dolphins spend their whole life cycles in Golfo Dulce, and between July and November it's possible to witness the arrival of the Humpback whales and their calves. Sea turtles, and marine birds usually show up during the ride. Combine this tour with snorkeling for a fantastic day in the water!

Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica Costa Rica