Yoga & the Healing Benefits of the Rainforest for Couples

Couple doing yoga in rainforest at Playa Cativo Lodge

Imagine waking up next to your partner to the rhythm of a majestic rainforest, just steps from the beach, with marvelous sunrises and dazzling waterfalls in the jungle. Where time stands still, where wellness is key, and where farm-fresh, organic food is the standard. Just the perfect place for a romantic getaway and an intimate time together to connect.

It is no secret that in the last couple of years, stress and anxiety have risen exponentially and have had an impact on our health, and well-being around the world. Never has it been so clear that the environment we live in has massive effects on the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems. Often that stress causes the most impact on our partners. We take our frustration, annoyances, and stress out on those whom we love the most.

Wellness & Yoga are fantastic ways to reset your spirit, sabor nature, improve your health and reconnect with each other. When done together it can strengthen the relationship, and improve strength, flexibility, and communication. Allowing your body and spirit to recover its maximum state of well-being and creativity.

Below are a few yoga postures for couples, that you can adopt and reap their great benefits:

Bridge Pose:
A great pose for stretching the shoulders and chest. In this pose, both partners lie on their backs with their feet flat on the ground and shoulder distance apart. Partners then lift their hips off the ground and clasp their hands together below their bodies. They should hold the pose for several breaths before releasing. This pose helps to improve flexibility.

Mountain Pose:
is one of the most basic poses in couples’ yoga. For this pose, both partners stand tall with their feet hip distance apart. The partners then press their palms together at the heart center and lift their chests. This pose helps to improve balance and stability.

Tree Pose:
One partner stands with their feet together, and their partner wraps their arm around their back to clasp hands. The partner with their feet together then bends their knee and places the sole of their foot against the inner thigh of their standing partner. The standing partner then presses their foot against their partner’s thigh and root down through their standing foot to stay steady. This pose helps to improve balance and concentration.

Warrior Pose:
A great pose for strengthening the legs. In this pose, one partner stands with their feet wide apart, and the other partner stands behind them, with their hands on their partner’s hips. The partner in front then bends their front knee and lowers their hips until their thigh is parallel to the floor. The partner behind then steps forward to join the front partner in the pose. The partners then hold the pose for several breaths before switching positions. This pose helps to improve strength and stamina.

Spinal Twist:
In this pose, both partners lie on their backs with their legs bent. Partners then cross one leg over the other and twist their upper bodies to the side.

Interaction with nature and healthy eating enhances the quality of life, reduces stress, generates positive emotions, and promote self-healing. ¡A wellness vacation is the perfect opportunity to connect deeper with your partner in a fun, rejuvenating and rewarding way!

Here are some of the main benefits when you are in a secluded natural environment such as the one at Playa Cativo Eco Lodge!

Restful sleep and improved mental clarity: The Lodge is in a lush and tropical setting, free from the noise and distractions of cities and towns. The sound of the jungle and the gentle breeze blowing through the trees provide a natural backdrop for relaxation and restoring sleep. It also Improves cardiovascular health

Robust immune system: Playa Cativo is a “sanctuary for birds,” as well as other wildlife. Guests can view many species of birds and animals up close, in their natural environment. Exposure to nature helps boost the immune system and improve overall health. 

Reduce stress levels: As noted, the Lodge is in an incredibly peaceful and serene setting, free from noise and distractions. This provides a relaxing and calming environment, which can help reduce stress levels. 

Improved digestion: Guests can enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic ingredients all year round. This, coupled with the Lodge's emphasis on healthy eating, helps improve digestion and overall health.

And most important of all, it increases happiness together and you will collect amazing memories for a lifetime!
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