Golfo Dulce Highlights for Honeymooners & Couples

Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica near Playa Cativo Lodge

Aptly described as the “most biologically intense place on Earth” by National Geographic, Playa Cativo is a nature lover’s paradise. Nestled on one of the few tropical fjords in the world, time seems to have stopped where the rainforest meets the ocean at the astonishing Golfo Dulce. When you and your partner visit, you will find the perfect combination of adventure, relaxation, wellness, and romance here in our jungle paradise.

The average stay in the area is four nights, but a full week is recommended for a romantic getaway. This will allow you to take your time exploring the area and enjoying the amenities without a rush.

When it comes to a trip to the Golfo Dulce, the best time to travel is whenever you feel like it. Dry months are wonderful for certain activities, but rainy season coincides with whale watching seasons, one of nature’s most extraordinary events. The Humpback whales visit this region every year in search for warmer waters and to nourish their babies. No matter what time of year you travel, you will find luxury and adventure waiting for you in the Golfo Dulce.

Arriving at Golfo Dulce involves a short flight from the San Jose airport. The view from the air is the start of an unbelievable wildlife experience and a great opportunity for some unique photography. While flying over the mountains, rivers, and mangroves, you’ll realize what beauty is waiting for you on the ground. 

When you land, you’ll find blue waterfalls, verdant greenery, and birds singing from dawn to dusk and countless other features that make Golfo Dulce the perfect choice for a romantic destination. Nevertheless, these are the four elements you cannot afford to miss on your romantic getaway:

The Marine Life Experience

Imagine spending a sunny morning sailing in calm waters next to your lover with dolphins playing around you. Bottlenose dolphins are very common to see year-round in the Southern Pacific, and usually move in big groups offering the show of a lifetime. Surfing in the boat’s wake, jumping, and diving seem to be their preferred games and, without a doubt, a magical experience to witness.

Here, you can sail for hours with the sea breeze touching your face and the green mountains in the background. Suddenly, your captain tells you that a whale mother is jumping ahead. You do not understand the greatness of nature until you see a mother whale and her calf breaching and slapping the waters – just a few meters from your nonintrusive boat.

If these playful species are not enough to make the journey a complete success, the waters may still have a few surprises. If you’re lucky enough, you may spot marine turtles, stingrays, and even whale-sharks from your boat.

Rio Esquinas Mangrove Kayaking

The open waters are not the only way to explore Golfo Dulce. The mangrove ecosystem at Rio Esquinas offers the perfect combination of adventure and nature. After a short boat ride from the lodge, you will enter the river and start your journey. The best part begins when you paddle down the river and enter the mangrove canals to discover a whole different world. Inside the mangroves, wildlife can be spotted at its best. Different species of birds, crabs, and iguanas all call the mangrove their home. Here, you can become one with nature exploring some of the lushest greenery on Earth

Stand Up Paddle 

Wake up next to your lover and share a cup of Costa Rican coffee as the sun light slowly rises before you depart for a stand-up paddle board expedition. The gulf is the perfect place to practice this activity, as the water is calm and serene, and the views will give you the memory of a lifetime.

This is certainly a great way to spend a day in paradise. Paddling along the shoreline or just laying down on your board and feeling the movement of the waves will recharge your mind and soul, and will set the mood for the rest of the day

Wellness for the Body and Soul

Indulge your body and heart in the secluded atmosphere of Golfo Dulce. Wellness is a key aspect of this area, and many retreats are held yearly in the heart of the Osa Peninsula. 

You can start your day with a yoga session facing the ocean or detox your body and heart as the sun sets over the green mountains. 

Golfo Dulce offers astonishing settings that will lead to a better connection with your body and mind while you challenge your inner strength. We at Playa Cativo Eco Lodge offer different techniques, treatments, and therapies, as well as an extensive selection of experiences and tours that use the surrounding rainforest and sea to enhance their wellness affects.

If you are a nature, wellness, or adventure enthusiast, or if you are just beginning your journey, Golfo Dulce will not disappoint you.