Nature Wellness at Playa Cativo Eco Lodge

Aerial view of ocean & rainforest near Playa Cativo Lodge

We are inseparably part of the earth, and it is a part of us. Natural wellness – a concept that combines your wellness practices with a connection to nature – is a key aspect of the Playa Cativo experience. We cater packages specifically towards your wants and needs, all to take care of you and the planet. Here, you can reconnect to the Earth by eating fresh organic food, meditating near the seashore and exploring the jungles of Costa Rica. 

Research has shown that cultivating a relationship with nature directly relates to your ability to work through challenging life events, inspire creativity, and maintain physical and mental health. Whether you’re a seasoned naturalist or just beginning your natural wellness path, Playa Cativo offers the perfect opportunity to reharmonize with the Earth. 

Here are four ways you can build your relationship with nature at Playa Cativo: 


  • Embrace the Location AERIAL & VISTAS 2-1 
    • Surrounded by thousands of acres of thriving rainforest in the Piedras Blancas jungle and the Cativo Rainforest preserve, Playa Cativo is nestled into one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Enjoy the biodiversity of Costa Rica by taking a guided tour through the jungle to observe animals in their natural habitat, sunbathe near waterfalls and soak in the powerful energy of nature. Nature fuels us, and the rejuvenating accessibility to wildlife at Playa Cativo sets us apart from other luxury lodges. 


  • Return to Fresh Food 
    • The food we eat is supposed to be fresh. Free from toxins and preservatives, our kitchens only prepare food that’s natural and organic. Our menu is curated with healthy options to delight your senses and soul. Every meal is made with fruit and vegetables from our own farm, featuring detoxifying nectars and revitalizing infusions. Cleanse your body, strengthen your immune system and improve your energy levels with clean, fresh, farm-to-table meals - the way food was meant to be eaten. 


  • Celebrate your body 

    Exercise and movement should celebrate all your body is capable of. At Playa Cativo, you can move like you never have before – go snorkeling in the cerulean water, hike through the Piedras Blancas or kayak through the verdant rainforests. You can start every morning with ocean view yoga and end it with a walk along the Pacific, celebrating your body and connecting with nature all at once. 

  • Travel Green 
  • Playa Cativo is a 100% green property. From our clean energy production (produced by renewable resources) to biodegradable toiletries, we prioritize living in nature without leaving a footprint. We even lean on sustainable local practices, like the artisanal fishing that provides food for our kitchens. The nature surrounding Playa Cativo is a sanctuary, and we treat it as such. We want to redefine the ecological standard for travel. At Playa Cativo, you can learn and exchange information on eco-friendly practices and culture – and maybe take some of it home. Come visit the abundant world we’ve created, living in harmony with nature. 

Playa Cativo, you can discover the potential that lives within you and uncover the healing power of the Earth. 

Our goal for your visit is to create an experience that centers your mind and body while fueling your soul with the power of nature. All packages are fully customizable so you can build your ideal vacation. Let go, recharge, reenergize, and detoxify your soul with a trip to Playa Cativo. Learn more here:  Lotus Wellness